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How much does legal representation for motoring offences cost?

The below sets out the range of driving offences that our legal experts can defend for you, and an estimate of the costs involved.


Please note that all prices listed below will be subject to VAT, and these estimates do not include additional disbursements such as barristers or experts’ fees.


Each case falls on its own facts, and once we have established the facts of your individual case, we can give an indication of any additional costs that may be incurred so that you are aware of the cost up front.


Our Prices

Speeding Offences (Guilty Plea)

  • For written representation on a speeding offence, defence costs are between £200 and £400 + VAT @20%
  • Representation for a guilty plea in Court will cost between £300 and £600+ VAT @20%


Exceptional Hardship / Totting up Penalty Points (Guilty Plea)

  • Representation costs are between £500-£1000+ VAT @20%


Drink Driving / Drug Driving / Failing to Provide a Specimen

  • Guilty Plea – £200 – £500+ VAT @20%
  • Guilty Plea and Special Reasons – £500 – £1000+ VAT @20%
  • Not Guilty Plea and trial – £1000-£2000+ VAT @20%

What do these prices include?

Not Guilty Plea estimates based on first hearing and maximum one day trial. Estimates do not include additional disbursements such as travel costs and expert report fees (as mentioned above)


Guilty Plea prices include:

  • Initial meeting to ascertain the facts of your case and take instructions.
  • Any necessary correspondence and contact with your lawyer.
  • Reviewing evidence necessary to your particular case
  • Advice regarding the case, the Court process (if necessary) and what to expect.
  • Meeting at court prior to hearing
  • Representation in Court hearing
  • Any necessary advice & assistance post hearing

How long will it take?

For guilty plea cases, this will depend on the court date for the final hearing. For not guilty pleas the average timespan is 3- 6months. Again, each case is individual, and we can give you an indication of this during an initial consultation.

Who will be defending my case?

All of our motoring offence work is supervised by Solicitor/Director Muhammad Shafeeque, who has been practicing as a solicitor since July 2005.


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